We create accessories
for woodwinds
that play smoothly since 1974

100% playable

We started producing the most performing pads for clarinets and saxes and managed to make them so reliable that, today, the main instrument producers worldwide are choosing them.

Click & play

We could settle for a description of how good our reeds play, but we really want you to listen to their sound.
Click (or tap) on each reed to enjoy its full, rich sound.

Working side-by-side with professional musicians and technicians, we managed to understand their needs and keep up with their requests. We understood that music players need more options to choose from, and that their choices vary with the music they are playing.

Today, we are proud to introduce a brand-new concept of reeds, the result of years of research, selection and tests.

for Clarinet
and Sax

Our packs contain 6 reeds. The reason is very simple: our quality control is so strict and precise, you won’t need more to find the reed that best suits your playing.

Our promise is clear:
you are going to play and have fun with all the 6 reeds we provide you with.

Our Reeds

Our pack

Music is all about movements and nuances.

Why should you keep on restricting your choice to half-sizes,
when you could play with the reed that perfectly fits your style?

Our range of reeds strength moves by quarters, so that you
can find the perfect companion for your play.

No compromises.

Our reeds
your lead.


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  • Our Lineup

    Choose the Pisoni reed that best suits your style.

    Put it to the test with your favourite orchestral excerpt or standard.