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We intend to provide you with all information on how we manage cookies used on our website in connection with the processing of your personal data. When you access the site or use one of our services, in fact, our system or that of one of our partners may set or read cookies and/or other types of identifiers related to the browser and/or device you are using, acquiring some of your personal data.

For all the information on how to process your personal data by our company see our Privacy Policy.

1. Who is the controller?

The data controller is Music Center S.r.l., (C.F. 02608340226 and P. Iva 02608340226) with registered office in Trento (TN), Via dell’ Ora del Garda 19, contactable by telephone number 0461968000, email address and pec

2. What are cookies? 

Cookies are information (small text files) that websites transmit to your device (PC, smartphone, tablet); are stored on your device and then be retransmitted to the same sites on the next visit.

This information allows you to navigate, to perform computer authentication, to collect information on the number of visitors and how to use the site, as well as to monitor users (without the use of “technical” cookies, in fact, some operations would be very complex or impossible to perform).

During the navigation on the site, however, you can also receive on your terminal cookies sent from different sites or web servers (cd. third-party cookies) on which may reside some elements (e.g., images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) present on the site you are visiting.

A website can set a cookie on the browser only if the preferences configured on the latter allow it. It is important to know that a browser can allow a particular website to access only and exclusively the cookies set by it and not those set by other sites: there is no risk to your privacy in this regard.

3. Purpose and type of cookies

Music Center S.r.l. or its partners may use cookies or other types of identifiers for a number of reasons, including:

  • Offer access to restricted areas of the site and accessible by authentication (in this case cookies are called “technical” and are used to maintain the browsing session and/ or to facilitate subsequent access from the same device).
  • Keep track of your preferences while using the site and/or services embedded in it or connected to it.
  • Offer advertising and/or content relevant to visitors’ interests.
  • Elaborate statistical analyses (analytical) about the use of the site and/or the services embedded in it.
  • Conduct research to improve the content, products and services of Music Center S.r.l. or its partners.

Specifically, our website uses the following cookies:

  • Technical cookies: are necessary for the proper functioning of the site and allow an efficient and safe navigation. In particular, we use navigation or session cookies: they guarantee normal navigation and use of the site allowing, for example, to save information related to navigation, to store data to keep the browsing session active and/or save information about the “full screen” settings on/off when browsing the site.

For the installation of these cookies, which are not stored permanently on the user’s device and disappear when the browser is closed or when the logout command is executed, your prior consent is not required.

  • Analytical cookies: We use analytical cookies managed by third parties in order to collect information on the use of our site. The data collected through these cookies are processed in aggregate and anonymous form to monitor the areas of the site most visited, improve its content, facilitate its use by the user and monitor the proper functioning of the site.

Specifically, we use the service offered by Google Analytics in order to have a complete and reliable service of statistics about the use of the site.

To guarantee your privacy as strictly as possible, we inform you that we have provided anonymization of IP (therefore Google Analytics will anonymize your IP address as soon as this is technically possible in the most upstream passage of the network where data collection takes place).

In addition, we inform you that the advertising and data sharing options with Google have not been activated and that Google Analytics has not been connected to any additional service: the processing, therefore, is carried out for purely statistical purposes.

  • Marketing and profiling cookies: these cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user to send commercial messages that meet the preferences expressed during the visit, or to improve your browsing experience; while you browse our website cookies are useful to show you products of your interest or similar to those you have viewed. They can be first-party cookies (installed directly by us) or third-party cookies (sent by third-party companies we trust – these allow us to provide you with our commercial offer on other affiliated websites: retargeting). However, these cookies are not necessary for navigation and can only be installed on your device with your express consent.
  • Social network cookies: cookies are necessary to allow your social account to interact with our website. For example, they are used to express your appreciation and share it with your social networking friends. Social network cookies are not necessary for navigation and therefore can be installed on your device only with your express consent.

Additionally, it is important to know that in addition to first-party cookies, we also install third-party cookies. The difference refers to the website or domain that installs the cookie: first-party cookies are installed directly from our website; third-party cookies are installed by a domain different from ours and are therefore managed by a website other than ours. On the site, in fact, there may be elements (images, sound maps, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than that of our site.

The following are the third-party cookies operating on our site and the respective links to the information on how to manage them, as the use of such cookies and similar technologies by such companies is governed by their privacy policy and not by ours, Music Center S.r.l. being totally unrelated to the management of such tools and the processing of data derived from them.

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of some of the partner companies that may use cookies while browsing our site:

  • Google Analytics (policy)

  • Google Adsense (policy)
    • Google+ (policy)
    • Disqus (policy)
    • Facebook (policy)
    • Twitter (policy)
    • LinkedIn (policy)
    • YouTube (policy)

It is possible that these third parties use these cookies for profiling.

These are persistent cookies, as they remain active until their expiry date (their duration varies depending on the type of cookie) or their deletion by the user.

4. Cookie management and optional consent      
We inform you that at any time you can obtain information about cookies and you can authorize, limit or block them by consulting the information and contacting us at the privacy address if it is cookies managed directly by us (first-party cookies), or using the relevant consent form, if present, made available to the third parties referred to in point 3 of this Cookie Policy.             
At the time of access to our site there is a banner that contains a summary information about cookies used by us. The acceptance of some or all cookies is required only at the first access to the site, but is revocable at any time. Through a technical cookie, your acceptance is stored, so that you can directly access the pages of our site during subsequent visits. Your right to disable cookies – all or just a few – at any time or to delete them remains unchanged. In this case, upon return to the site you will be asked again for acceptance.
You can always change and manage your preferences regarding third-party cookies by following the instructions provided by the respective managers in their privacy policy available at the links indicated in point 3 above.              
The deactivation of all cookies other than technical ones does not compromise the use of the site.
The personal data processed through the installation of technical cookies are necessary to ensure your correct navigation on our site. The consent to the installation of analytical, profiling, marketing and social cookies, however, is optional and your personal data will be processed only with your express consent in the manner indicated above.

Management via the browser

At any time you can authorize, limit or block cookies through your browser settings, however, if you set your device to reject them, some services on the site may not be displayed properly or operate sub-optimally, in particular, operations that allow you to identify the user and keep the identification within the session may be more complex to perform and less secure in the absence of technical cookies.

You can manage your cookie preferences directly within your browser and prevent their installation. You can also delete installed cookies through your browser preferences.

Below are the instructions of the main browsers for managing cookies:

o Google Chrome:

o Internet Explorer: 

o Mozilla Firefox:

o Apple Safari:

o Opera:

For mobile devices, you should refer to their instruction manuals to find out how to manage cookies.

5. Methods and scope of processing         
The personal data collected through our site are processed in accordance with EU Regulation n. 679/2016 (GDPR), D.Lgs n. 196/2003 and D.Lgs n. 101/2018, as well as the provision of the Guarantor privacy May 8, 2014, n. 229 and the Cookie Guidelines and other tracking tools of 10.06.2021 (Published in G.U. n. 163 of 09.07.2021).  
The personal data are processed by the staff of Music Center S.r.l., which acts on the basis of specific instructions provided by the owner with regard to the purposes and methods of processing and has been expressly authorized, having also received appropriate operating instructions.
Your personal data collected through cookies are kept for the time strictly necessary for their use and always within the time limits indicated in the relevant part of the Privacy Policy.
The navigation data is deleted immediately after processing (except for possible use for any need for detection of crimes or liability by the Judicial Authority).             

6. Transfer of data outside the European Union  
The data collected using third-party cookies may be transferred to countries outside the European Union whose level of data protection has been deemed adequate by the European Commission pursuant to art. 45 of the GDPR.           
In addition, personal data may be transferred abroad to non-EU countries, and in particular to the United States (without limitation, Google, Hubspot, Social Network), subject to the signing of the standard contractual clauses (Standard Contractual Clauses) adopted/approved by the European Commission pursuant to art. 46, 2, lett. c) and d).            
The data collected using all other cookies will not be disclosed further.           
For more information, please consult the privacy policy available at the links listed in point 4 above in addition to the Privacy Policy of Music Center S.r.l.         

7. Rights of data subjects   
You have the right to access your personal data, to request its rectification, updating, integration and cancellation, as well as requesting the restriction of processing and portability of your personal data collected by Music Center S.r.l. by sending a registered A/R to the address via dell’Ora del Garda 19, 38121 Trento (TN) or an email to
In addition, if you believe that the processing of your personal data carried out through our site is in violation of the law on the protection of personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.    

January 2022

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