Playin’ together
since 1974

When our activity began, we had approx 200 hand-made wind instruments pads in our catalogue. Our production evolution allowed us to increase volume and variety, maintaining the high quality standards our customers always loved. Today, instrument makers and technicians choose the Pisoni pad perfect for their needs in a 100,000+ references catalogue.

Pisoni pads:
we work with sound

The quality of our pads is nothing you can see with naked eye: we work on the perfection of the sound they produce, how they serve you and your instrument. Different materials, same approach: precision production for perfect sound results.

Quality by Luciano Pisoni

The machinery we use in our production dept. has been designed by our founder Luciano Pisoni in order to keep the craft-work quality he was known for and bring it to an industrial level.
Musicians all over the world play their clarinets, flutes, saxophones, etc. using our pads. This makes us so proud of our job, every day.