Pisoni Reeds Jazz Tenor Sax 3.5

Pisoni Reeds Jazz Tenor Sax 3.5


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Thanks to the natural superior qualities of the fibre and a specific profile, these unfiled reeds provide easy playing and good projection, keeping dynamic control with a variety of sound colors that make them ideal for an immediate sounding execution.

  • Perfect for jazz, pop and soul music
  • Hi-quality sound
  • All Pisoni reeds are manufactured in Italy
  • All our reeds are crafted using cane from Var Region, France
  • Our 6 reeds are packed in a special case, protected by a blister and an outer box

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Pisoni Music strength

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Tenor Sax

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Comparable alternative reeds

D'Addario Reserve, La Voz, Rico Select Jazz, Vandoren Java, Vandoren Java Red, Vandoren Traditional, Vandoren V12, Vandoren V16, Vandoren ZZ

Strength of comparable alternative reeds

3, 3.0+, 3.5, 3H, MH

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