Musicians need responsive reeds,with rich tones and seamless playing.

We develop our reeds to meet the expectations of the most demanding musicians. We focus on the balance between fitting, hardness and high-quality performance.

6 playable reeds are all you need

Our 6-fully-playable-reeds pack is all you need for a flawless execution, in every condition.
We control and select our reeds for you, so you don’t have to do it before using them: simply take a reed out of the box, put it on your instrument and start having fun playing!

Perfect packaging
for perfect storage

Reeds need to be kept as dry and protected as possible. Our reeds are packed in a special case, protected by a blister and an outer box.
Quality is something we do not compromise on.


  • The reeds I tried (Pisoni Alto Sax JAZZ 3.25, Pisoni Tenor Sax JAZZ 3.25 and Pisoni Soprano Sax JAZZ 3.25) work very well with wider openings, so for jazz-ethnic-rock music mouthpieces… really good. Beautiful timbre, brilliant in the mf/f dynamics. They respond well in the articulation. Excellent throughout the register. For the CLASSIC reed I would rather try something harder, probably a 3.5 or a 3.75.

  • The quality of the 6 reeds of the box, all played and tested and the cutting of very high precision guarantee stability and a superior sound and a particular scale of sound intensity. They maintain a homogeneous timbre on all registers and grant a prompt response in the staccato.

  • Our Reeds

    Our reeds
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