We are

Our company takes its
name from Luciano Pisoni,
our founder.

Our history begins in 1974, when he started creating hi-quality pads for woodwinds.
Today, we are proud of our 150-people team, 8,000 square meters headquarters and the most important instrument makers choosing us everyday.

time and tempo

Luciano Pisoni founds the company as an entrepreneur and skilled expert of musical instruments accessories.

Luciano focuses on pads production and personally nurtures the relationship with customers all around the world, mostly France, USA and Asia. During these years, Luciano gains the trust of manufacturers of musical instruments and his pads become the best choice for woodwind instruments.

Luciano develops the first numerical-control machineries to bring the level of quality and consistency of pads to the next level. He develops the machine prototypes, fully designed in-house, and creates tailored machinery perfectly fitting the purpose.

The company is named Music Center and introduces new product lines to support musicians in their search for the perfect sound: pads in advanced materials like gore and dedicated product lines for professional instruments.

Music Center consolidates its presence as preferred supplier of most musical instruments manufacturers and accessories distributors, with capillary presence, thanks to its distribution partners, in most countries in the world to make its products available to all musicians.

Music Center launches a new line of accessories: the Pisoni reeds, to offer to clarinet and sax musicians a line of reeds with the same, excellent level of quality of Pisoni pads.